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Article Posted • 05 May 2023

WomenZone, Bradford, launches storytelling project Kahaani

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WomenZone, Bradford, launches storytelling project Kahaani

We’re delighted to announce that another exciting Amal-supported project is due to start this month in Bradford. Kahaani (which means story in Urdu) is a project working with older Muslim migrant women at WomenZone.

Through weekly creative storytelling and drama workshops, this group of women will share their stories of migration, leaving their countries of origin, arriving in Bradford, and building their lives here. The group will be women who are currently using the centre, and who are interested in developing their skills, experience, and confidence in performance. This will culminate in two sharings of a first draft of the performance, one at the centre for centre users, friends and family, and a second at a public Bradford venue. Each of these sharings will be followed by an encounter between the participants and the audience, an opportunity to discuss, explore, and share experiences further. The project allows for less heard experiences and stories to be told within communities and across generations, empowering the women who have lived them in the process.

WomenZone is a registered charity situated in the heart of Bradford Moor, one of the most deprived communities in Bradford. The organisation was established in 2003 by a group of local women to address the disadvantages which women in the area face.

Image Credit: WomenZone

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Co-created projects

This project is part of Amal’s Co-created Projects programme.  We support high-quality arts projects that are co-created by Muslims and creative professionals and showcased within the wider community. These provide Muslims with opportunities they would not otherwise have to express their creativity in ways that matter to them.  By enabling experimentation between Muslim artists and communities, these projects model ways in which the UK’s arts and cultural mainstream could more fully and authentically represent and engage Muslims as individuals and communities.