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About Us

Our purpose, objectives and values

Amal works to tackle a root cause of the discrimination that adversely affects the lives of all Muslims in the UK – a dominant narrative which is negative, stereotyping and monolithic. We exist to help shift the narrative to one that is confident, diverse and just.

Our Mission

We challenge the narrative by supporting Muslims to unleash their creative potential, a potential too vast for any single organisation to unlock. We therefore do so by facilitating three sets of stakeholders – Muslim communities, artists, and mainly mainstream arts and cultural organisations – to work more closely together to grow opportunities for Muslims to fully express and realise their potential and to share and celebrate creativity with others.


Our Story of Change

Enabling Stakeholders...

Through our practical programmes of support and our co-created projects, we incentivise and enable our stakeholders to do work that is unlikely to happen otherwise – because Muslims and Muslim organisations have been deterred from creative engagement by multiple barriers including deprivation, because there is little understanding of the practice of Muslim artists in the mainstream and little action geared towards tackling Islamophobia, and because mainstream arts and cultural organisations have limited connections to Muslim artists and community groups.

...To Unleash Creative Potential

The result of our work is that more Muslims engage in creative activity, more Muslim organisations offer creative activities to their communities, Muslim artists have more opportunities to sustain successful careers and more arts organisations serve Muslim communities and artists in a more nuanced way.

… And So To Multiply And Amplify Authentic Muslim Stories

Over time these outcomes result in a greater diversity of Muslim stories being told and heard and richer encounters between Muslims and other communities.  And also in greater visibility for Muslims in the creative sectors, more Muslim arts organisations strengthening their sustainability and increased support for Muslim creative engagement from funders.

… And Create The Systemic Change We Seek
  1. A community of practice in the creative sectors that fully represents Muslims
  2. Increased understanding of the UK’s Muslim population
  3. A stronger sense of belonging in the UK among its Muslim communities