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Article Posted • 24 Aug 2023

Small Heath Voices: Capturing the flavour of Small Heath

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Small Heath Voices

Capturing the flavour of Small Heath.

A few months ago, participants in our Small Heath Voices project embarked on a journey involving creative writing and photography! In August, the group set out with small disposable cameras, led by local artist Maryam Wahid, to capture the heart of Small Heath. Participants of all ages walked up Coventry Road, where they snapped images of locals and well-known stores that encapsulate the general aesthetic of the street. The photographs tell a multitude of stories celebrating the area and its inhabitants.

Small Heath Voices, named after the inner-city area of Birmingham in which the project takes place, plans to launch a local exhibition showcasing the participants' work at the Khidmet Centre followed by an event at SteamHouse in the city centre. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to learn about the events' launch dates in real-time.

This project is supported by Amal.