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Article Posted • 02 Feb 2023

Small Heath Voices Project

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Maryam Wahid

Small Heath Voices Project

In partnership with Victoria Park Productions, Amal is supporting a participatory photography and written word project with families and residents from underrepresented Muslim Kashmiri and other ethnic minority backgrounds in Small Heath. Participants will create their own photographic and narrative-based work with local photographer Maryam Wahid to produce a portfolio of images and words, with accompanying captions which will be used as a final online showcase and exhibited work that celebrates and shares the cultural heritage of the neighbourhood and increase Muslim citizens' pride in where they live. The project also aims to connect the community through this arts project that will help tackle community mental and physical well-being including the reduction of social isolation and loneliness.

Instagram: @maryamwb

Image: Maryam Wahid, credit: John Boaz

Forming Part of

Amal’s Co-created Projects Programme

This project is part of Amal’s Co-created Projects programme.  We support high-quality arts projects that are co-created by Muslims and creative professionals and showcased within the wider community. These provide Muslims with opportunities they would not otherwise have to express their creativity in ways that matter to them.  By enabling experimentation between Muslim artists and communities, these projects model ways in which the UK’s arts and cultural mainstream could more fully and authentically represent and engage Muslims as individuals and communities.