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Amal Connects

How we work 

Our cornerstone programme Amal Connects recognises that shifting the narrative is about growing opportunities for Muslims to tell their own stories in their own ways. We work through six programmes:

We consult our three sets of stakeholders – Muslim communities, Muslim artists, and mainly mainstream arts and cultural organisations – to build trust, identify barriers and themes, and establish interest and potential.

We connect stakeholders both to advance Amal’s work but also on demand to enable connections and opportunities that would not otherwise happen.

Creative visualisation
We provide creative workshops to community groups to give them a better sense of the wide range of opportunities available to them.

Co-created projects
We support and fund high-quality arts and cultural projects co-created with Muslim-majority participants with the involvement of Muslim creative practitioners which also produce opportunities to platform the work created and to run encounter sessions around this platforming that are cross-community.

We convene our stakeholders to share learning and build a community of practice.

Capacity building
We help our partners to sustain their ability to grow Muslim creative potential.

The principles and values we abide by
Amal Connects is based on three key principles:

Place because to grow the creative potential of some of the communities least engaged in mainstream creative activity, opportunities must be taken to them. We have therefore begun work in two hub locations, Birmingham and Bradford, and aspire to grow to London and Manchester. These places are the four largest centres of Muslim population in the UK.

Co-creation because this puts the interests, concerns and aspirations of Muslim communities at the centre of everything we do.

Partnership because it is by growing the ways our three sets of stakeholders work together that we create the change we seek, the community of practice that fully represents Muslims.

In all our work, we are guided by the values of social justice, compassion and conviviality.

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