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Projects Posted • 28 Sep 2023


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Through the co-creation of a light and sound installation, Cloudsongs is a platform for Home Educators to share their experiences, as Muslims, of culture and everyday life through public art. Developing their creative skills with Muslim practitioners of different artforms, they have taken ownership and developed installations that reflect their own voices.

Project Partner: Theatre in the Mill (University of Bradford)
Project Lead: Shabina Aslam– Artist
Location: Bradford

Cloudsongs was dedicated to fostering creativity and self-expression in marginalised communities. It has enabled participants to craft unique sound artworks that reflect their identities and values. This initiative was tailored for Muslim families engaged in Home Education, encouraging them to collaboratively create sound art that explores their Islamic beliefs and daily experiences. These art pieces were showcased at the University of Bradford during the BD is LIT festival in November 2023.

Video credit: L.B. Sweeting

The project was led by Shabina Aslam, who began the first phase of the project by training a group of Muslim students from the University of Bradford. These students familiarised themselves with the tools and techniques of Cloudsongs and continued their involvement through to the project launch.


The participants found immense joy in the project and developed a strong connection to it. They loved the experience and expressed a desire to remain engaged in similar artistic activities, having not realised their ability to participate in and co-create such artwork before. They were particularly appreciative of the safe environment they had in which to explore their creativity and the project also played a role in the participants' wellbeing, as discussions often centred around the significance of faith in the healing journey.

Images credit: Amal, Kimia Modaressi Chahardehi