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Gallery Posted • 11 Oct 2023

Our Stories Through Nakshi Kantha

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Our Stories Through Nakshi Kantha

Project Partner: New Hope Global
Location: Birmingham
Programme: Part of Amal Connects 2023/24

Over 12 months, 74 women worked with local artists Abeda Begum, Fateha Begum and Haseebah Ali (who share their heritage and language), gaining a high level of embroidery skills in a stitching tradition, Nakshi Kantha, which resonates with them from their family memories. Adding drama, storyboarding and design to the mix, the women stitched their migration stories into a book, sari and other pieces. The project culminated at Aston Villa FC, where an exhibition was staged of these embroidered stories and the remarkable accomplishments of these women were celebrated.

Images credit: Salsabil Khalifa