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Posted • 02 Feb 2023

Quranic Illumination Exhibition in Bradford

Quranic Illumination Exhibition at Bradford’s Westgate Mosque

Every week over the past six months, in a small room at the Westgate Mosque in Bradford, ten dedicated participants have been coming together under the guidance of visual fine artist Mahmud Manning to learn the art of Quranic illumination. Quranic illumination is the art of decorating Quranic manuscripts through the application of gold leaf translated into a paint. Literally to “light up” or “enlightenment”, the tradition of illuminating manuscripts exists across many cultures and religions. In the Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages the word for this practice is Tezhib/ تذهيب whose root as 'Dhahab' means gold.

We are excited to share that from 18 March through April, the works produced by students and teacher will be exhibited for the first time at the Westgate Mosque for members of the public to enjoy. These works will show the process of learning as well as some of the finished works of illumination as a still on-going journey that participants have made so far. 'Mini' taster workshops will take place during the exhibition. The project explores how an art form can connect us to Muslim heritage but also how this tradition can speak to us in a 21st century, British context. A culminating exhibition is planned later in the year.

Join us for the launch of the exhibition, on 17 March 16:00 - 18:00

Westgate Mosque, The Central Mosque Bradford, 9 Darfield Street, BD1 3RU, Open daily 12.00 - 18.00, no booking required. The exhibition is open to all people regardless of background or faith.

Instagram: @mahmudmanning