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Grants Posted • 01 Feb 2022

Amal Connects launches

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Amal Connects launches

We are delighted to launch our new cornerstone programme, Amal Connects, which provides funding and other support for creative projects that are co-created with Muslim-majority participants. The new programme builds on learning from Amal’s previous experience as a programme under the Saïd Foundation and consultation of community groups to ensure that the work we support directly reflects the experience, concerns and priorities of Muslim communities.

Amal Connects works with community groups, artists, and arts and cultural organisations in our initial hub locations of Birmingham and Bradford to grow opportunities for Muslim communities to realise their full creative potential and to share and celebrate this creativity with others.  This may be through arts and culture projects that are co-created by community members with arts organisations and professionals.  Additionally, our Creative Visualisation workshops connect artists and community groups to give communities a better sense of the range of creative possibilities that is open to them.

As Amal Connects grows we plan to develop convening and capacity building opportunities for community groups, artists and arts organisations in Birmingham and Bradford and to add other locations to our hubs.

Huge thanks to our generous founding donors, the Saïd FoundationEsmée Fairbairn Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, for their support for Amal’s pioneering work as it embarked on its new future as a Muslim-led, independent charity. This launch would not have been possible without them.

Visit About Us to learn more about Amal Connects.


We are awarding grants of up to £25,000 for co-created projects of up to one year. You can apply for funding if you are a community, arts/cultural or other organisation with a developed proposal that meets our funding criteria. Submit an online Expression of Interest form to tell us about your project. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis but we will close for submissions on 31 July to assess the programme.

Head to our Apply page to download our Guidance for Applicants.


We want to work with more community groups, artists and arts organisations and invite them to connect with us to explore partnerships with Amal, including being matched with possible delivery partners for projects or participating in our Creative Visualisation activities. Connect with us via the Connect page.

Don’t forget to follow us on socials @WeAreAmal for the latest updates.

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