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What would a British Nasheed Choir sound like? Join us and be part of creating it here in Bradford

28 April 2022
Participate in a Nasheed Choir in Bradford

World renowned Nasheed singer Hussnain Hanif is looking for boys in Bradford from ages 8 to 18 to form a group for this unique multi-cultural creative project. If you or your child enjoys singing or simply likes the idea of it, signup to take part! We will be running taster sessions in May and June, register your interest here.

The project will involve members of the choir meeting in weekly sessions where they will be taught how to recite with confidence, receive guidance that is specific to individual vocal requirements and learn the art of performance. This highly disciplined approach will ensure every student achieves maximum benefit. The choir will go on to perform in a number of venues across the city.

This is an exciting opportunity for young people to share and celebrate their own cultural traditions whilst playing a part in shaping a new identity and art form for themselves.

There is no requirement of any previous experience or skill but we will need participants to commit to participating over the full length of the project.

What is Nasheed?

Nasheed is a form of mid’ha (praise) that originates from the Islamic tradition and comprises devotional songs that celebrate God and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Using the vehicle of a beautiful voice to be closer to God is shared across faiths and cultures. This project will create a new type of collective Nasheed for British Muslims in the form of a polyphonic choir.

“Singing Nasheeds with lots of different harmonies, in a choral form, is something that’s never been done before. It’s not something that comes from the Middle East or South Asia – it’s a very Western phenomenon. It’s a beautiful way of singing and it represents my Britishness. I use Pakistani melodies and Nasheeds written in Urdu and Punjabi, and we harmonise these in a choral form” – Hussnain Hanif, Nasheed singer

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