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Projects Posted • 28 Sep 2023

Brimero Youth Choir

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Brimero Choir in Birmingham, led by performer and producer Bustami, is a Muslim, mixed-gender and multi-ethnic choir which is creating music that speaks to yoing people’s values in different music genres that both Muslims and non-Muslims can relate to.

Project Partner: Brimero
Project Lead: Abdoulaye Bustami
Location: Birmingham

Led by Bustami, a creative director with extensive experience, the choir’s participants have been getting industry-level vocal training and development while also having the opportunity to experience being part of a creative Muslim group. The Nasheed music industry is booming in Birmingham and Bustami is inviting famous artists to meet with the choir members and share their experiences, skills and knowledge. Together, they are learning how to write songs and to understand the power of the human voice when sung in unison.

The project will create a series of songs inspired by faith and community but departing from traditional devotional song music. The songs will explorie stories and themes that affect the Muslim community in Birmingham. At the end of the project, the choir will perform live and also record their songs in a professional studio as well as make music videos to reach a wider audience online.