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You are an artist who may be a practitioner of any art form. You are likely to be based in the Birmingham or Bradford areas but may also come from further afield, especially if you can provide development opportunities by working alongside less experienced local artists on Amal-supported projects. You are likely to be of Muslim heritage though need not identify as Muslim. Non-Muslim artists may also express interest in connecting with Amal but you must be familiar with working with diverse communities.

Please complete the Connecting with and through Amal – form for Artists, if:

  • You have an idea for, and can assist in, the creation and delivery of an arts and cultural project in the Bradford or Birmingham areas with a Muslim or Muslim-majority group of participants. You may want our help in connecting you with a community group interested in co-creating and participating in your project.


  • You are interested in delivering creative, participatory workshops in the Bradford or Birmingham areas with Muslim or Muslim-majority groups of participants. These sessions must be accessible to beginners and will usually be of 60 to 90 minutes’ duration. They may be delivered with community groups known to you or ones known to Amal (or both).
This form cannot be saved and returned to at a later point. Please read all the questions before starting.

Connecting with and through Amal – form for Artists


Type of interest

• Expression of interest in being connected to a community group and/or arts organisation to help you deliver a project – if you have an idea but don’t have creative or community partners to help deliver it (Go to Section A)

• Expression of interest in delivering creative workshops or other activities to help community members visualise their creative potential (Go to section B)

If you have a project proposal for Amal, including knowing which community and/or arts organisations would help you deliver the project, please go to our Apply section and follow our guidance for submitting an expression of interest for funding.

Section A: Proposed Project

Section B: Creative workshops or other activities

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