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Welcome To The UK



Please mind the gap between the continent and the Island.

The Borderline company present the world premiere of their new show, Welcome to the UK. They will also be performing their first show, Borderline, twice a week alongside Welcome to the UK on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so you can see both shows in the same day.

Borderline is a satire of Calais Jungle devised and performed by a mixed ensemble of refugee and European performers. It premiered in November 2016 at the Cockpit Theatre as part of the Voila! Festival and has been touring since nationally and internationally (Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and India). Welcome to the UK is is a brand-new story – set on this side of The Channel.

About the company
Borderline: 13 Countries – 1 Family. A unique theatre ensemble shortlisted for the Community Integration Awards. It was created by PSYCHEdelight, a Theatre Company of Sanctuary led by Sophie NL Besse, a writer director and psychotherapist. Three years ago, they all embarked on an artistic and human adventure to raise awareness and change the negative narrative often associated with refugees. This show is their voice.

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