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Walk in Her Shoes: A Women’s Interfaith Storytelling Event

This event is only for women (cis and trans) of all faiths and none.

Hear stories from Jewish storyteller Rachel Rose Reid and Muslim storyteller Jumana Moon at this adult women’s storytelling event looking at both the Hebrew and Arabic words for spirit and womb and how these connect with the Divine. In partnership with Nisa-Nashim.

Rachel Rose Reid keeps oral tradition dust-free and fresh-faced from rock festivals to theatres, campfires to concert halls. Bridging between the worlds of traditional storytelling and spoken word, including work for BBC Radio, Glastonbury Festival, and the London Symphony Orchestra. Rachel is the first European woman to be ordained by the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, which reclaims and renews Jewish women’s spiritual practices, and feminine narratives and leadership.She facilitates ritual, workshops, and devotional circles, in Jewish and multi-faith settings.

Jumana Moon is a traditional storyteller with a great love of folktales, fairy tales, myths and legends of all kinds.  Jumana draws from a wide range of stories: from Britain, Europe  and beyond and has a special interest in stories from Islamic heritage:  stories from Quran, hadeeth (the life and sayings  of Prophet Mohammed pbuh), stories from devotional poetry such as Rumi, Hafiz & Jami and folk tales from various Muslim lands.  Jumana tells stories in nurseries and schools; at festivals & cultural and community events. Jumana is an English Literature graduate and also works as a psychotherapist.  She is fascinated by the relationship between stories, culture and identity.

This event forms part of the Migration Festival programme for our Sukkot: Seeking Shelter installation.

Box Office: 020 7284 7384 /

Photo credit Wasi Daniju

We do not want ticket price to be a barrier to anyone attending this event.

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