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The Lost Ones



Amina Koroma is a Young Associate Artist at Ovalhouse theatre, an actor and writer who has developed and will perform her debut show, ‘The Lost Ones’.

‘The Lost Ones’, is the story of two young West African women, who find themselves amongst the many crossing the middle passage during the transatlantic slave trade. It explores their lives under captivity, how they rely on their belief systems, Islam and Mende, to comprehend their circumstances, their individual crises of faith and the relationship they form as a means of safety and camaraderie in uncertain times. Presenting a possible history of women’s experiences not recorded in history books.

Amina’s venture into theatre came from the need to be visible on stage and has now ventured into writing to put Muslim stories that reflects her identities on stage, in all of its complexities and nuances. From this experience she wishes to continue to write for stage.

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