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The Funeral Director



“I just thought it would be a secret I’d have to die with. And now – I think it’ll be what kills me.”

Life as the director of a Muslim funeral parlour isn’t always easy, but Ayesha has things pretty sorted. She and Zeyd share everything: a marriage, a business, a future.

Until Tom walks in to organise his boyfriend’s funeral. A snap moral decision, informed by the values of their community and their faith, has profound consequences. Forced to confront a secret she has hidden even from herself, Ayesha must decide who she is – no matter the cost.

Winner of the 2018 Papatango New Writing Prize from 1384 entries, The Funeral Director is an incisive and heartfelt story of sexuality, gender and religion in 21st-century Britain.



Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
7 Mar — 9 Mar 2019

Nottingham Playhouse

14 Mar — 16 Mar 2019

North Wall, Oxford

21 Mar 2019

HOME, Manchester
27 Mar — 30 Mar 2019

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