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Sufiana with Najma Akhtar



Enjoy an evening of renditions of works by Eastern Sufi Poets, performed by renowned singer / songwriter, Najma Akhtar.

Akhtar has a strong following and a distinctive style which fuses both Eastern and Western genres.

Sufi music is part of a centuries-old tradition of Islam. This tradition focuses on the spiritual life of Man. The Sufis are also known as dervishes, denoting that these were people who believed in being poor in the material sense yet rich in spirit. Sufi music is also closely linked to devotional life and is sung in praise of God, the Beloved, the Saints and the friends of God which are all set together within the theme of love.

For this performance, Najma will be performing Sufi poetic works along with Ghazal, in a traditional style with a backdrop of acoustic musical instruments.

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