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Square Kufic Calligraphy



Square Kufic, also known as Masonry Script or khatt banna’i, developed as an architectural style to be rendered in brick or tile, often on a monumental scale. It is also equally at home at the much smaller size of paper or textiles, and even, today, in the tiny canvas of pixel art. As well as this versatility, it is unique among calligraphy styles in that it adds to artistry a dimension of puzzle-solving.

This intensive course will teach the rules and principles of Square Kufic, how to compose by manipulating the letters and using rotations to fill a surface or to create a repeating pattern. From the basic square grid, the course will move to  variations in grid proportions and shape, including three-dimensional effects and circular compositions, opening up the creative potential of this technique.

Finally, the course will cover how to transfer a finalized design to art paper, to finish in class or at home depending on time. Prior knowledge of the Arabic alphabet is helpful but not required. All class materials are provided.



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