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Socotra: Island of Djinns + Afterparty



A rare chance to see this breathtaking black and white documentary, shot in one of the world’s most beautiful and mysterious islands: Yemen’s Socotra.

Palestine Film Club and Sarha Collective are proud to present Jordi Esteva’s Socotra: Island of Djinns, screened in London and Ramallah on the same night.

Several ancient texts believe Socotra is the original location of the Garden of Eden: its name comes from the Sanskrit for “paradise”. It has enchanted adventurers from Alexander the Great to Marco Polo to the legendary Sinbad, with its dragon’s blood trees and other rare species. Jordi Esteva’s documentary looks at storytelling on the island and the widespread tales of djinns and other magical creatures told around the campfire.

After the screening, enjoy an incredible DJ set from Yamen Mekdad and Chris Menist, showcasing the best of their vinyl collection – including rare records from Yemen.

Yamen Mekdad is a record collector and a music enthusiast born in Damascus and based in London. His collection spans from folk to jazz and from funk to techno. He is the co-founder of London based Makkam Collective and a co-presenter of DanDana a radio show on SOAS radio.

Chris Menist is a writer, DJ and musician best known as the co-founder of the Paradise Bangkok label and band, alongside DJ Maft Sai. He was behind behind Dust-To-Digital’s ‘Qat, Coffee and Qambus : Raw 45s from Yemen’. Currently residing in the UK, he hosts a monthly show on NTS and his DJ sets (in Japan, Thailand, Australia and across Europe at Nuits Sonores, Glastonbury, Off Festival and Wax Treatment amongst others) encompass a broad mix of reggae, soul, african, latin and asian sounds from across the globe. As well as being invited to participate in Four Tet’s (Kieran Hebden) LP launch for Boiler Room, he recently played Nuits Sonores in France as part of Hebden’s line up, where he shared a stage with Mafalda and Floating Points. He has also been featured as part of Boiler Room’s ‘Collections’ series.

Image © Jordi Esteva 

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