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Persian Miniature Course: From preparation to practice



The course is designed to take participants on a pleasant journey to the mysterious world of Persian miniatures, teaching them about materials, colours, paper preparation and Persian miniature styles.

During the course, students will be guided towards various stages of making Persian miniature and experience the whole process practically. The course starts with a short historical introduction to Persian miniatures and the stylistic features of different Persian miniatures’ schools. The practical lessons begin with one of the basic, yet essential, elements of Persian miniature: nature. The course aims to familiarise participants with the conventional methods used to illustrate nature in a number of historical schools of Persian painting: the Īlkhānīd, Timūrīd and Safavīd ones.

Anahita Alavi is an Iranian artist who has learned Persian miniature painting, Islamic illumination and geometric design under the supervision of the great masters in Iran. Her keen interest in the aforementioned areas sparked when she was sixteen, and led to choosing traditional Persian painting as her BA major. She used to teach Persian painting and Islamic illumination at the Payame‐Noor University of Tehran and a number of schools and institutes in Iran. Aiming to enhance her theoretical‐historical knowledge about Iranian culture and arts, Anahita has done an MA in Art studies at the University of Tehran and another MA in History of Art and Architecture of Islamic Middle East at SOAS University of London. Since 2016, she has been engaged with teaching and producing Persian miniature and illumination in London as an entrepreneur sponsored by SOAS.

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