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Manifesting the Unseen



Manifesting the Unseen seeks to remove barriers and reveal hidden truths by creating a discursive space to experience the unique artistic language of Islamic arts and its modern cultural expression.  The exhibition brings together a group of Muslim women artists and poets to East London and will invite the viewer to see the unseen; and challenge their perceptions of Islam and Muslim women.

Alongside the visual arts, and in keeping with the rich tradition of poetry in the Muslim world, Manifesting the Unseen will also invite a series of established and emerging women poets to construct a series of ekphrastic poems inspired by the artworks and performed at a Mehfil (recital) as one of a series of events offered as part of the exhibition. The exhibition will also feature a panel discussion with the artists and a series of workshops throughout the month offering the public the chance to learn about and practice: Islamic geometry, painting & illumination and calligraphy.

Exhibiting artists include Shaheen Kasmani, Maaida Noor and Wasi Daniju. Participating poets include Suhaimyah Manzoor-Khan, Sukina Pilgrim, Amaal Said and Saraiya Bah. For a full list of artists and poets and for further details of workshops, visit the website.

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