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Islamic Art Workshops



The School of Design presents Introduction to Geometric Patterns

In this series of workshops, participants will be introduced to the principles of Islamic art that are found in architecture and manuscripts around the world, and be guided through a step by step process. We will learn how to construct grids and draw beautiful geometric patterns that we see in heritage around the globe. All of this will be done with the traditional methods of using a compass, straight edge and paper.

Each session will introduce Islamic Art, and concentrate on a different pattern, and by the end of the session you will have drawn a completed geometric pattern for you to take home. If you would like to book all four workshops, as a special offer the cost of one workshop will be refunded. This series of introductory sessions will focus on varieties of 6 and 8 fold patterns.

Workshops are open to all over the age 14, and no previous experience or technical skill is necessary. All materials are provided. You may want to bring a folder with you to take paper home.

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