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I Wanna Be Yours by Zia Ahmed

Directed by Anna Himali Howard

Ragevan Vasan
Emily Stott
Rachel Merry

©The Other Richard

I Wanna Be Yours



I move clockwise. You move counter clockwise. In the middle we meet. We kiss.

Ella is from Yorkshire. Haseeb is from London. They order a pizza. House red for Ella. Hot chocolate for Haseeb.

I think I’m falling in love with you.’

People and playlists. Christmas and Eid. Travelcards and Megabuses. London to Leeds. Love is more than just a game for two. Especially when there’s an elephant in the room.

A tender, funny, lyrical play about finding love and holding onto it with everything you’ve got. I Wanna Be Yours is the debut play from Zia Ahmed. The show is fully BSL integrated.


(Image credit: The Other Richard)

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