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Film screening: The Man Behind the Microphone



Maghreb Ciné is back – and at a new venue – with Claire Belhassine’s creative documentary, ‘The Man Behind the Microphone’, at Draper Hall in Elephant & Castle. Feature starts at 7pm and will be introduced by Tunisian journalist Mounira Chaeib.

Doors open at 6.30pm. There will be tea, coffee, cake and hopefully popcorn – and feel free to bring something to share. Attendees are encouraged to network before and after the screening. The venue is wheelchair-accessible.

The Man Behind the Microphone is a story of love and family, celebrity and music. A portrait of Hedi Jouini, the most popular musical star in Tunisian history, known as the country’s ‘Frank Sinatra’. His songs continue to inspire revolutionaries and conservatives alike, striking at the heart of the post-colonial social and political upheaval of Tunisia and its continuing search for identity in the wake of the Arab Spring.

But why did he keep his fame hidden from his family? What dark secrets did he keep from the nation that worshipped him? The Man Behind the Microphone reveals the incredible story behind a man and his music, and offers fascinating insight into Tunisia’s cultural evolution. The film builds a profound portrait of the godfather of Tunisian music – father to a nation yet not to his family.

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