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Film Club with HEC – Falling Forward at Asia House



Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Maher? This is an award-winning Norwegian feel-good docu-comedy about integration, identity and a dream of flying.

The 20 year old Syrian refugee has made a new home for himself in the Norwegian small town of Løkken, far from the war that is raging in his home country. Maher speaks Norwegian, goes to school, and even plays the trumpet in the town orchestra – or at least he is doing his best to! But Maher dreams of having the freedom to fly over borders without being a refugee, and about one day returning to Syria as a fully educated pilot.

Everyone loves Maher. A born optimist who knows how to fall: you just got make sure that you are falling forward!

Falling Forward is directed by Øystein Frøyland and was awarded at the 2017 Bergen International Film Festival.

Doors open 6.45pm and the screening will begin at 7pm.

The event is co-hosted by HEC Global Learning Centre and Asia House. This is part of the No More Bricks in the Wall Campaign, a Snapshots from the Borders project to make 3 October the European Day of Memory and Welcome.

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