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Art as fulfilment: the use of religion and spirituality in contemporary art



The preoccupation with fundamental questions of life is often central to an artist, their work and their audiences. Join the panel, including Marina Warner, Professor Ben Quash and artist Mariko Mori as they examine how artists and the public might “use” contemporary art as a means to express and reflect on religion and spirituality.

Art can challenge our beliefs and provoke debate. For an artist, art can be a place where personal thoughts and beliefs can be expressed and problems can be detoxified. The panel questions whether an audience can achieve an emotional or spiritual connection through art? Are they more likely to visit a museum than a place of worship? In contrast, what is intended when contemporary art is shown in a place of worship? Can we find meaning in the fundamental questions of life through art?

Panellists include writer, historian and mythographer Marina Warner, and Professor of Christianity and the Arts at King’s College London, Ben Quash.

Join the Royal Academy of Arts for a day of events as part of ‘Does art connect us?’. Events will explore what role the arts play in connecting people across religions, spiritual beliefs, human emotion and human experience.


(Image: Mariko Mori, Dream Temple, 1997-1999. Metal, glass, plastic, fiber optics, fabric, Vision Dome (3D hemispherical display), audio. 500 x 1000 cm. © Mariko Mori. Installation at Royal Academy of Arts in 1999. Photo by Richard Learoyd. Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York, SCAI the BATHHOUSE, Tokyo.)

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