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Amal Team


Fatima Mullick

Project Manager

Clare Allsop

Administration Officer

Fatema Zehra

Communications Manager

Amal Committee Chair

Catherine Roe

Catherine Roe has over 20 years’ experience of creating, developing and leading foundations and advising philanthropists and not-for-profits.  For 12 years, she was Director of the Said Foundation, working to effect lasting change in the lives of disadvantaged and high potential young people in the Middle East.  As Director of the Said Business School Foundation, Catherine helped to create and develop Oxford University’s Said Business School.  In 2012, Oxford University made her a Distinguished Friend of Oxford in recognition of this contribution.  Since 2006, Catherine has advised a range of foundations, universities and other not-for-profits.  She began her career as a British diplomat.  

Catherine is a member of the Board and Business Advisory Council of the Said Business School and a trustee of the Said Foundation, the Horizon Foundation, Beanstalk and the International Institute of Strategic Studies.  

She has a Masters in History from Oxford University, an MBA from London Business School and a Masters in Middle East Studies from SOAS.  


Luqman Ali

Luqman trained in the sciences of Islam and the languages (Arabic, Persian and Urdu) and cultures of the Middle East and the Subcontinent.

In 1997, Luqman co-founded Khayaal, the first professional theatre company dedicated to the exploration of classic Muslim literature through contemporary stagecraft as a means of fostering greater intercultural and interfaith engagement and understanding. He adapted and produced Khayaal’s award-winning debut production, Conference of the Birds, in London in 1998. He went on to pioneer the adaptation of the works of an array of Muslim mystics and sages as well as folktales from African, Arabic, Chinese, Persian and Urdu cultures, staging these works at The Globe’s Shakespeare and Islam Season (2004) and at The British Museum’s critically acclaimed Hajj Exhibition (2012) as well as in theatres, corporations, schools and communities throughout the UK and beyond.

Luqman is currently working to nurture an inclusive humanitarian discourse of story and dream in Muslim communities and between those communities and wider society through Khayaal’s national theatre-without-walls programme while also developing the company’s next medium scale production exploring the intersection of Britain and Islam in the story of coffee.


Alia Al Zougbi

Alia is a BAFTA-nominated performance practitioner, producer and educator. She uses performance tools and traditions to engage people of all ages in critical conversation around global issues, and is particularly interested in cultural production as a form of activism.

Alia is Head of the HEC Global Learning Centre in London, a development education organisation working with schools, universities, and the community to promote global citizenship, social justice, and environmental sustainability. She is among the core teaching staff on the Young Audiences Team and the Adult Learning Programme at the British Museum.

Alia studied Social Anthropology with a particular focus on the unearthing of alternative oral histories and intangible cultural heritage. This led to her using Performance Storytelling as a form of subverting dominant narratives, especially around the Muslim and Arab Worlds - an art form she continues to relish. Her work in the community continues to negotiate creative outlets for the narratives of lesser-heard peoples.


Remona Aly

Remona is a journalist, commentator and broadcaster with a focus on faith, lifestyle and identity.

She writes for The Guardian and various media outlets on subjects ranging from burkinis to interfaith football, and Ramadan to rock music.

She is a regular contributor to Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 for the Chris Evans Breakfast show. As a media commentator, Remona often appears on television and radio, including Sky News, ITV and the BBC.

Remona was Deputy Editor of emel – a vibrant and glossy British Muslim lifestyle magazine, which was the first of its kind to launch nationwide. Since going freelance in 2009, she became Director of Communications for the Exploring Islam Foundation, which specialises in dynamic PR campaigns and resources on Islam and Muslims across media platforms.

She is also a presenter for the Things Unseen podcast which is produced by CTVC, an independent production company.


Abdul-Rehman Malik

Abdul-Rehman is an award winning journalist, educator and organiser.

He is Programmes Manager for the Radical Middle Way, which since 2005 has provided powerful, faith-inspired guidance and tools to enable change, promote social justice for all and combat exclusion and violence. His work has spanned the UK, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia.

Since January 2015 he has also been Director of the Insight Film Festival, a unique festival that celebrates the intersection between faith and film.

Abdul-Rehman offers Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 and presents documentaries for Radio 4 and the World Service. In 2016/17, he will be presenting several episodes of ‘Something Understood’ for BBC Radio 4.

Abdul-Rehman is a trustee of the Sandford St Martins Trust, promoting media excellence in religious programming. He also advises on developing cultural programming to a variety of festivals and arts organisations, and enjoys using his background as a theatre educator to facilitate deep dialogue on difficult social and political challenges.


Juliet Simmons

Juliet is the founder of Piece of Cake - a creative marketing consultancy working with not for profits and creative organisations.  Before founding Piece of Cake, Juliet was the Creative Director at the JCC for London (now JW3) where she was responsible for the creation, curation and production of all events for a six year period, and for building the JCC brand. 

Juliet’s background is in advertising and marketing and she has worked with blue-chip clients around the world.  She is a member of the Book Council for London’s Jewish Book Week and volunteers for Nick Hornby's Ministry of Stories (encouraging creative writing for young people in East London) and at a monthly drop-in centre for refugees and asylum seekers.  Juliet has recently co-edited a book for Bat Mitzvah girls. She loves the sea, taking photographs and making things happen.


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