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It’s Been Quite a Year!

21 December 2017 | Amal Team

You’ve probably seen by now that the 2017 Amal pilot has encompassed a vast range of projects. It’s been a journey full of learning, inspiration and wonderful encounters and our admiration for the way our partners have delivered success after success is unbounded.

To give you a flavour of their fantastic work, we’re pleased to share a short video of some highlights from Amal 2017.

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Meet Our 2018/2019 Partners

On 7 October 2019, we had the pleasure of hosting Amal partners from the 22 arts and culture projects we have supported since launching our programme in August 2018.

From London to Bradford

We’ve spent the Summer visiting Amal-supported projects in locations across the UK. Up next are two of our partners presenting their work in London and Bradford.

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