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The Great Zaha Hadid

31 May 2017

As Google pays tribute to the great that is Dame Zaha Hadid, here are 5 facts you probably didn’t know about the Iraqi-British architect:

  1. Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad on October 31, 1950.
  2. Hadid’s first completed project was a fire station for a Swiss furniture firm.
  3. Her work was considered so radical and singular that, even though she had only completed four buildings by 2004, she was still chosen as the first ever woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The prize is considered the Nobel Prize of the architecture world.
  4. Founded in 1980 with five employees, Zaha Hadid Architects today has a staff of more than 300 people, almost half of them under 30.
  5. Hadid designed the London Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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