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Welcoming Grassroots Luton

06 April 2017 | Amal Team

We’ve made a great start with our Small Grants fund, with some interesting and thought-provoking applications having come our way. And we’re pleased to announce the first of our Small Grantees as Grassroots Luton.

Since its formation in 1991, Grassroots Luton, an ecumenical Christian programme of community events, has built a reputation as an organisation committed to an on-the-ground presence engaging and building strong ties with Luton’s diverse communities.

This year, Grassroots Luton will be working alongside Khayaal Theatre Company to deliver storytelling performances and discussions, borrowing from inspirational characters from Muslim literature, mirrored by stories from the Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths.  The activities will engage local school children to reflect and share thoughts on common themes such as humanitarian values. The events will be extending to Interfaith Week with a performance at the local Luton Hat Factory Theatre, and to Luton Town’s Annual Peace Walk via special screening of a film highlighting workshops with local schools.


We’re now down to the last couple of months before our applications close. We’d like to support as many arts and culture projects as possible, so do consider applying and getting the word out there. You can find out more information on our Small Grants here.




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