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Five (and a bit) Questions with… Maab Adam

21 March 2017 | Amal Team

Be yourself and be the best.



1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maab Adam and I’m currently doing an apprenticeship with the LoveLanguage company. I studied art and design, and was fortunate to work on a creative project via a video called ‘Deaf Not Dumb’. As young deaf people, we have so many issues because people lack deaf awareness.  We decided it would be good to educate in a positive way so we got involved with Deaffinity and made the film. The video won first prize in the Adobe Youth Voices filmmaking contest, which was really fantastic!

2. Do you think an artist has a particular role or responsibility in the world?

I do think an artist has a responsibility in the world. For example, the well-known artist Banksy – he uses his art as a voice to give a perspective on world issues.

3. How do you see your role?

I love helping other people, especially in the deaf community. It’s important to me and makes me feel like I’m doing something of value.

4. Does identity play a role in your creative craft, and if so how?

I got to be very creative on the Deaf Not Dumb project, thanks to Deaffinity who encouraged us at every step. It also made me realise that creative spaces and platforms can have a great impact on the world. I hope the Deaf Not Dumb video helps to challenge misconceptions around people who are deaf.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given over the course of your career?

Be yourself and be the best.

A bit more… 

Where’s your favourite place to see art?

I really enjoyed the Banksy gallery in Holland.  It is so amazing! I highly recommend a visit there (you can tell I’m a fan).


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