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5 (and a bit) Questions with… Moriam Grillo

22 November 2017 | Amal Team

Some of our projects have left a permanent legacy by creating works of art that stand in the centre of communities around the UK. One example of this is the Luton Peace Fountain project with MG Ceramics. We caught up with award-winning international artist and founder of MG Ceramics, Moriam Grillo:

1. Do you think an artist has a particular role or responsibility in the world?
Yes, art enriches lives. It is a platform for expressing ideas and sharing stories. Fundamentally there is a social responsibility to give marginalised groups a voice, and art can be this tool.

2. How do you see your role?
Mainly as a facilitator. One that encourages introspection and presence, with the art work acting as mediator. I view art materials and art making as vehicles for self-development.

3. Does identity play a role in your creative craft?
As an artist and Muslim, the journey I choose to convey is a spiritual one. It is an attempt to facilitate a collective and sacred expression in the hope that through it commonality is found.

4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given over the course of your career?
Do what you love.

5. What was your project and why was it important to you?
To create a fountain with the local community in Luton constructed of handmade ceramic tiles. The aim of the project was to encourage community cohesion by involving members of the town’s diverse community to engage in art-making through art activities in order to raise cultural awareness and celebrate Islamic heritage.

A bit more… Where’s your favourite place to see art?
For me, art is all about love. Engaging in creativity is a form of healing for the individual and art making through community art is a powerful way of bringing hearts together. And what can be more important than that?


Watch the Peace Fountain with MG Ceramics here.

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